Chuen Hing Computer Embroidery Factory

Chuen Hing Computer Embroidery Factory was founded in the convenience town of Shijie, Dongguan in 1987. It specializes in design and prod

uce a broad range of embroidery and sequin/paillette, related accessories and products. These includes: standard embroidery, artful beads embroidery, chenille embroidery patches, 3-D embroidery, piece goods embroidery, lace embroidery patches, hand-made sequin embroidery, machine made sequin embroidery, handmade embroidery, string embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, lace, woven strip, woven label, kitting label, cotton label, zip label, badge, special double-sided label, beads, jeans, shoe uppers, paste, handbags, toys, fashions, water merged and various styles of special mixed embroidery. It is one of the leading manufacturers of this industry in China.